What is

Took is the world’s first and most robust private client management system for rideshare, taxi and food delivery drivers.

How it works

Drivers sign up, set their prices, and the system automatically sends their service cost to their existing clients or any new client.


Took is free for drivers. The platform generates revenue through optional services drivers can sign up for.

Available Worldwide

Helping drivers manage private customers

“Took is going to revolutionize the industry” I can’t wait to have 50 customers and say goodbye to U***! Took is the best app for drivers! Great job!!!”

Your rate

Choose your rate and pay 0% commission.

Your customers

Add your private clients and get more rides.

Your business

Use any vehicle with no age restrictions.

Pioneer Drivers

Get exclusive benefits

*To be eligible to become a Pioneer driver you must be within the first 1.000 drivers to signup in your region.

Developed by drivers, for drivers.

"Great way to earn extra while driving with Uber!"
Uber Driver in Brazil
5 stars review
"Easy way to become truly independent from paying abusive high commissions!"
Uber Driver in Sydney
5 stars review
"The joy to drive is back! Now I only need meself, my car and a bad weather in Britain."
Taxi Driver in London
5 stars review
"The disruption of the disruption"​
Taxi Driver in Auckland
5 stars review

Helping you find the BEST Drivers

“I want to thank the Took so much! I love this app to the point that I SOLD MY CAR! :) I always get my favorite drivers and they are all always happy with the app!”

Safer than traditional rideshare apps

Nothing is safer than having the same drivers you know and trust.

Industry leading drivers

Experience the difference in having a private driver.

Suitable for all budget types

Whether you need newer or older vehicles the app got it all.

Pioneer Members

Get exclusive benefits

*To be eligible to become a Pioneer member you must be within the first 10.000 members to signup in your region.

“The best drivers choose Took as the best platform to work.”